Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Why hire a Makeup Artist for your wedding?

In times when money is tight for every one many brides decide to do their own makeup on their wedding day. Weather this be due to budget constrictions or the fear or walking down the aisle looking like a contestant from “Strictly Come Dancing” (no offence meant. The makeup artists do an amazing job on this show) some brides simply don’t think about their hair and makeup until the last moment.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and with venue booked, flowers ordered and dress chosen it is time to think about you. When you see a beautiful actress on screen or in print she will have always, without fail, have been through the professional hands of the makeup and hair stylist. It is your wedding day and all eyes are on you and your look will be captured in your photographs forever. If you can’t have star treatment today when can you?

Who wants to spend the morning of their wedding rushing to a salon worrying about time, the traffic or maybe the effects that the elements will have on your newly styled hair and makeup. Or attempting to apply makeup with shaky hands, thanks to those typical pre-wedding nerves.

You wouldn’t dream of leaving it to the last minute to find your perfect dress, yet that is exactly what many women do when it comes to planning their hair and makeup to perfectly compliment their dream dress.

What better way to prepare than to have a professional makeup artist come to your home for a relaxed and unhurried trial session, giving you the chance to try different looks and style (and picking up a few tips and tricks along the way) until the perfect style is found.

I have been a Makeup artist and hairdresser now for 28 years and have worked with some of the most beautiful women on screen and print creating hair and makeup looks from almost every period in history. Having done the makeup and hair for dozens and dozens of brides, I know exactly what products and colours work best for every skin type and colouring and how to choose hair styles that perfectly balance face shape, dress style and fit your personal style.

With all this in mind you would be able to sit back on the morning of your big day, relax and enjoy being pampered knowing you are in the safe hands of a professional with results that will make you look and feel amazing.